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Employment Opportunities


Marinduquenos Worldwide Helping Marinduquenos-

An initial initiative of Marinduque International, Inc. to create a network of Marinduque professionals worldwide.

That all unified Marinduquenos worldwide, regardless of geographical location, profession, experience and ability, can help each other grow and attain a high quality of life, be valued as contributing members of a universal community.


  • Recognize and value each of our skills, experience, and ability and capability to help other Marinduquenos.
  • Awareness of the power of networking in this age of extensive global web of Internet
  • Create a Data Base of Marinduquenos working across the globe
  • Provide a medium to facilitate exchange of communication between those who needs help and those who can provide help.

Background Information:

In 2000, the population of Marinduque was 217, 292. At that same year, when the Y2K Balik Marinduque was organized, there were about 1400 Marinduqueno families or about 7000 1st and 2nd generation Marinduquenos living in North America alone. That is about 3-1/4 % of the population of Marinduque then, WITHOUT counting the Marinduquenos working/living in other parts of the world like the Middle East, Orient, including Philippines, and Europe. These are Marinduquenos working as Seaman, Chefs, Maids, Teachers, Engineers, Accountants, Nurses, Doctors, etc.

Today, let us say conservatively, that there are 75,000 Marinduquenos gainfully employed around the world, including the Philippines. Compared to an approximated population of Marinduque of 240,000 (latest info was 229636 in 2007), that is about 29%.

On the other hand, there are hundreds or even thousands of Marinduquenos graduating from high schools, colleges, and vocational schools every year

Considering that only one-third (1/3) of those 75,000 gainfully employed Marinduquenos can help a graduate be employed in their company, 25000 Marinduque graduates can be added to the list of employed Marinduquenos. This is a progression that will happen every year.

About the MWHM Networking Initiative –

Question #1: Could this happen?

Answer: Very much, so long as people are willing to share their field of expertise, physical location, email, and phone numbers (optional).

Question #2: How do we link those qualified jobless Marinduquenos with those who are gainfully employed?

Answer: Through the MWHM Initiative to be undertaken by Marinduque International, Inc. (referred to as MI from hereon).

Question #3: How would MI do it?

Answer: MI will start a data base of its members who want to participate. Each MI member will be encouraged to participate. MI is very hopeful that everybody will participate. All participants can benefit from this network of professionals. Example: If I am an Engineer currently working with a salary of $3000.00 and could potentially be employed by a major international company offering $5000.00 for the same qualification and there’s a Marinduqueno, participating in the MWHM program, working in that company, I should be able to contact him through MWHM to request for his recommendation.

Question #4: Who will manage this Database?

Answer: In its early stage, Claro (Bong) Salvo will be the Administrator or focal point, and will manage this initiative, including the Data Base. As it grows, a committee will be created to take over.

Question: How do you maintain confidentiality of participants’ personal information?

Answer: Anybody who has access to the Data Base will have to sign a Non-disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement.

Question: Who can ask for help and who will respond?

Answer: MWHM is open to all Marinduquenos. In this initial stage of this initiative, those who are asking for help or asking a question would be called “Inquirer” and those who will respond would be called “Respondents”.

The Inquirer shall email his question or request to, Attn: Claro Salvo. He will then forward your email to a Respondent who can best answer a question or questions. Queries of the same or typical subject will be grouped together as an attachment then forward to the Respondent who will respond to the group. Respondent shall also make sure that the Administrator is copied on his response so typical question and answer will can be posted in the Forum page of MI Inc.’s website, for use by other potential Inquirers on the same subject matter.

If the volume of inquiry grows, a MWHM committee will be formed.


To current and potential participants, thank you in advance for recognizing how this initiative of creating a network of professional Marinduquenos, could improve the quality of life of our fellow Marinduquenos.

Since this is the first of its kind, de-bugging and constructive input, suggestions, ideas to make this venture a success, will be very much appreciated. You may email your suggestions/ideas to or call 623-225-5045.

Please email me your full name, your occupation or field of expertise, your employer, email, phone number (if you’d like to share it), and your physical location (address if you’d like to share it).

If everybody would participate, this Database can grow and be useful to future generations. This will result to more gainful employments, more kids in school, and more successful Marinduquenos! More power to us all!

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