A TRIBUTE TO ALL MI, INC. MISSIONERS – To ALL Missioners of Mission of Love I to IX, thank you for your sacrifices and untiring services to the people of Marinduque. Although this movie shows only pictures of our Mission of Love IX, the energy, zealous dedication, and commitment, manifested by each Missioner is the same for all Missions of Love by Marinduque International, Inc.

As soon as pictures of previous Missions are retrieved, it is our desire to make a movie of each Mission. We will be updating this website often, so visit us again. If you have pictures or movies of any of the previous Missions, please advise us by email and we will give you step-by-step instructions of where to post it for our retrieval. Thank you.

Acknowledgement & Reflections from Albine Blanche, 2014 – 2016 MI, Inc. President, in her email dated May 12, 2016 –

Mitigating the risk of omitting and offending anyone I may inadvertently miss to acknowledge, I decided not to mention any one name in particular. Some may disagree but I am just hoping and praying for your understanding. You all know what you have contributed to this undertaking. Each one of us made a significant contribution of our expertise, effort, time, and money, all of which made our mission successful. Some went above and beyond to help by sponsoring or hosting dinners, snacks and other incidentals, so I salute you for your generosity and kindness. To all the MI Chapters and members who donated and solicited funds for this mission, it is greatly appreciated and recognized. May your Chapters and members continue to fluorish and support our common goals. To the individual or corporate donors, I thank you for your generosity and understanding of our needs to make this mission possible.

In essence, this mission is indeed driven by the desire to help those in need. For many years we have explored means of how we can achieve something tangible that would leave an imprint on the lives of the people in Marinduque, albeit only a small fraction. In the end, I have concluded that a medical mission although expensive is all worth it. Improvement in evaluating the medicines we procure is essential. This is where most of the funds go. We may need to explore further how we can make the educational mission even more effective. The need for a nutrition related project is also one to be thought of, continued, and supported by the appropriate nutritional professionals.

The categories of “missioners” or “volunteers” become hopeless approximations for the diverse personalities, temperaments, and life experiences of the participants. Each of us has a personal purpose or reason for participating in the mission or even a unique story to tell. Each participant has his or her own life narrative as rich and as fascinating as any among us. There is not enough space here to illuminate all of the extraordinary aspects of the over one hundred volunteers who participated in our mission, and I can’t pretend that I know each and every story. What I do know is that a remarkable group of people united and showed their compassion and love for the thousands of people who came for assistance. The camaraderie and bonding amongst the missioners, local volunteers, and patients are so apparent. Smiling faces even at the end of each hard day’s work are invigorating. The understanding that our service meant something to the people back home is so important, especially for those who never had the opportunity to be seen by a medical professional, should drive us to continue this humanitarian project. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the grateful hearts of every ill or indigent Marinduqueno you have touched with your generosity and kindness, I THANK YOU! I hope each one of you is blessed with as much good fortune and kindness as you’ve given to our “kababayan”.

Maraming salamat po,
Albine Lansangan Blanche

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